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no-marshmallow-mistakes submitted:  I’m 5'9. The before…

no-marshmallow-mistakes submitted: 

 I’m 5’9. The before picture was at my highest 185 and the during is 155ibs. It took me roughly 2 years. I had to change the way I thought and looked about myself and than I was able to lose the weight. I began doing activities I enjoyed like cycling and hiking. I even started running and training for 5k’s and I have my first half marathon in December. I always ate fairly healthy but after I moved out of my parents it was easier to make healthier choices and not eat as much. 

My fitness blog is http://intricatelywoven-wonderfullymade.tumblr.com/

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no-marshmallow-mistakes submitted:  I’m 5'9. The before…
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