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On the left. I was 17. 210lbs and had a 37″ waist. I was…

On the left. I was 17. 210lbs and had a 37″ waist. I was disgusting. Severely depressed and suffering with extreme anxiety. Bullied everyday. I wanted to die. In fact, this was taken on 3rd may 2016. Which is the day after i almost took my life. If it wasnt for the fact that my sister came home early i wouldnt be here today. But i changed, i fought back. And with the help of blogs like this and reading other peoples stories. Ive lost 71lbs and my waist is currently 28″. Im sitting quite comfortably at 139lbs. If im honest 90% of this is diet and not excercise. I simply cut the junk food out and controlled my portion sizes. But it was a struggle because i emotionally ate and it was difficult to live without that comfort. Im not finished yet. But im so happy now. 😄😄 so happy. The picture on the right was taken last week. Its taken just ten months but im finally starting to love what life has to offer. Most of my anxiety and depression have also gone. And again i want to thank tumblr and everyone who contributes their stories. You are all so inspiring. I couldnt have done this without the motivation i find here. 😊😊😊

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