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onmywaytofitandhealthy 5ft.8 Starting weight (July…



Starting weight (July 2013) : 190lbs

Current Weight (April 2015) : 133lbs

So I knew i was getting bigger, but at the time i was in a comfortable relationship with a guy who was quite overweight himself and i guess it just kept piling on and on – I’d eat rubbish food pretty much 95% of the time and had no real self control over what i was eating and drinking and the thought of exercise was just blerrghh.

I got to a point where i decided to weigh myself – seeing the scales at 13.5stone (190lbs) shocked and upset me, especially as i had friends who were complaining that they’d hit 11stone and thought they looked gross. I sat down and really looked at photos of myself and saw that I was bigger than i thought, even though i’d been kidding myself into thinking i looked as great as i did at 16. 

So I just decided to make the change. I started working out using youtube, wiifit and swimming and began eating 3 “clean” meals a day with healthy snacks. The weight started coming off and i never really looked back. 

There’s been weeks and months at a time where i’ve been off track but knowing the nutrition i need has helped me get to this point. 

Feel free to follow my really personal blog, it’s all about the meals i eat, nutrition and exercise and my own personal journey – i love answering questions and talking to other people on their health journeys. 


5ft.8 Starting weight (July…
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