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ourfateisnotdefined: About a 7 week difference here. Not a huge…


About a 7 week difference here. Not a huge difference but you can see my stomach has gotten smaller, my legs are leaning out and my arms are looking better. Important thing to note here is this: over the past two months my weight on the scale has not dropped more than 4 pounds. But my bodyfat percentage is down at LEAST 2%, and I look so much better! I can feel myself getting stronger, I’ve noticed my arms looking more and more defined, my shoulders growing, etc. Trust me when I say that lifting an extra ten pounds of weight brings more satisfaction than losing two pounds on the scale. My weight can fluctuate anywhere from 120 to 125 in the span of a single day but I don’t let it affect how I feel. The MOST important thing I can stress here is this: I LOVE(D) myself for who I am at both of these stages/in both of these pictures. I like the picture on the right better, of course, but there’s a lot more to it than that. I love the person in both just the same. That person you see on the left is the one who worked their ass off to become the one on the right. Once you can figure out how to feel that way about yourself, this journey becomes a lifestyle, NOT a chore. It’s all about your perceptions. My journey is just beginning and I couldn’t be happier about it.

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