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ponytail-tales submitted: 5’3” starting at 18 years old, ending…

ponytail-tales submitted:

5’3” starting at 18 years old, ending at 24. Very slow but pretty steady loss helped by increased exercise (from Couch to 5K on the college gym treadmill to long runs outside and plenty of time where running just wasn’t my thing; learning to lift heavy weights with a trainer; spin classes; basically just following my interests/instincts in exercise at any given time) and healthier eating (have logged YEARS of my life on MyFitnessPal at this point, and usually gravitate towards low carb/keto way of eating which has been helpful for me because sugar and overeating are my biggest problems).

Now, unfortunately, I’ve shot back up to 160/165 and I’m making it my 2015 mission to get back down to 140. Follow along! ponytail-tales.tumblr.com

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