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radicallycorpulent:So I made this blog a while back and haven’t…


So I made this blog a while back and haven’t been on it in quite a while. Since I made this blog – I’ve learned to love myself, stop caring so much about what others thought and generally just started living life to the best of my own abilities. This was the result. I didn’t make a choice to change my eating habits, I also didn’t start exercising regularly, I just decided to stop caring. I started being more active because suddenly I was excited to go out and do things. I stopped gorging on food to make me feel better about being bored and started eating things because they tasted good. I still eat til I’m about to burst sometimes and I love every second of it – however my reliance on food has cut back increasingly. I’m back because this summer I want to get in shape, athletically, and I remembered the feelings of support and all the exercise tips from here. I just wanted to share that loving yourself comes first and foremost in my mind – its more important then the size and shape of your body. Own all you’ve got!

radicallycorpulent:So I made this blog a while back and haven’t…
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