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realityofgettingfit submitted:  Slow and steady wins the race…

realityofgettingfit submitted: 

 Slow and steady wins the race 🐢

There is no quick fix, you have to make a lifestyle change. Just because people out there claim they can ‘help people lose weight fast’, doesn’t mean they’re doing it a healthy way.

Everyone can do something if they work hard and put their minds to it. Before anything else, Happiness if the most important thing, and I’d love nothing more than to create a blog where we can all come together, share our experiences and help one another. A blog where we are comfortable to be ourselves, ask the questions we’ve always wanted to know.

Dropping myself down from 18st 4lb to 11st 5lb, is one of the greatest achievements of my life, and it’s sad to think that society today see losing weight as an achievement, but that’s reality of today 🙄

See more Before and After weight loss pictures  or  SUBMIT yours. 

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