After a few ‘before’ photos…


After a few ‘before’ photos surfaced online I realized how far I’ve come and how grateful I am despite the constant feeling to ‘push further’.

I am happy to have found  communities that inspire me and my hope is to pass that forward.

I didn’t have the best childhood and definitely turned to food for comfort, a lot of it. My diet consisted of no breakfast, no lunch at school due to embarrassment and binge eating once I got home. This lead me to 275 pounds on my 5’5 frame by the time I graduated from high school.

I moved away from home shortly after and without a supply of junk food, little money and no vehicle forcing me to walk miles to school and back I lost 75 pounds in about 7 months. I felt amazing and this was with no real diet change but portion control.

I was at 200 for quite a few months and moved back to Texas. After moving in with my now husband I developed some unhealthy eating habits and dropped to 160 quickly. Our place was broken into and I shot back up to 210 even quicker.

When I was a sophomore in college we took a nutrition class together and I learned what healthy eating really meant and was taught what to look out for. This was a foreign concept to me as I was allowed to have cokes for breakfast growing up.

I have maintained a pretty consistent weight of 155 for the last 5 years with a dip to 138 through clean eating and daily yoga. My diet now consists of a hard boiled egg for breakfast most days and a smoothie or piece of fruit. Greek yogurt a few hours later followed by a sandwich on sprouted grain bread or a salad for lunch. For dinner I’m a bit more flexible and try my best to eat clean and have a few dark chocolate chips if I need something sweet.

I love food and learned to redefine the food I love. I have my burger & pizza days (who doesn’t!) but decided to stop beating myself up about it and be accountable for my choices. I enjoy it to the fullest and eat lighter the next day. I’ve had bad days, weeks, and months but the key is to keep going.

I’m going to try harder now to eat cleaner and weight lift to in a healthy way to get to my healthiest self.

Thanks for listening!

The Numbers:

Height: 5’5

Before: 275  LW: 138 CW: 155

GW: 120/ Fit & Toned” – Rosie
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