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run-long-and-lift-heavy: Updated progress pic!  As usual my…


Updated progress pic!  As usual my ‘before’ is actually a middle as I have no photos from my heaviest weight (18st/114.5kg), left is about two years in so I’d lost some weight, I was around (15st/95.5kg). The right is today (12.7st/79.3kg) I have a long way to go but have lost 5.7 st/ 36.2kg!!!

It is not just my body that has changed; on the left I am clearly hammered, which I often was now I can happily say in two hours I will be 100 days sober!  I have battled depression and addiction, I dropped out of college and hit rock bottom and just ate and drank myself into a deeper depression, but I decided that enough was enough I went back to college got 98% in my psychology A level and am now sober, and for the most part depression free. I just finished my first year of studying psychology in uni and I am on my way to being a clinical psychologist and helping those like myself!

Sorry this was long, if you took time to read it bless you! I’m just really happy and proud today! Seriously, keep fighting life gets amazing!


Updated progress pic!  As usual my…
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