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runashleyrun submitted: Height: 5’1”Before: 180 lbs After (in…

runashleyrun submitted:

Height: 5’1”

Before: 180 lbs

After (in picture): 160 lbs

Currently: 156 lbs

I started my weight loss journey around the beginning of February 2014 and the after picture was taken at the end of June.

At the beginning of my weight loss journey it was really hard for me. I got an app to calculate the amount of calories I was intaking and burning. This app really helped me stay on track for the first couple of months. Once I saw what was serving sizes I felt like I could do it without an app. I eat one fruit or veggie every meal, and always pack my lunches to work so I can stay on track. 

For working out, I lift weights: squat, bench, hang clean. I run sprints, run hills, run 110s, go on bike rides. I also make up little circuits that involves different movements and in between I do 50 jump ropes, always end where you’re doing 500-700 jump ropes. I do that workout 5 times a week.

I feel like people want some special pill or diet to lose weight, but really all it takes is eating clean and staying active everyday. And learning that you’re not on a ‘diet’ you’re committing to a lifestyle change.

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