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runesby: so as some of you might already know, last… june, i…


so as some of you might already know, last… june, i think???
i decided it was high time i started losing weight. i was always a bit big for
my age, but i didn’t really start ballooning in size until maybe fifth grade,
and from there i just gained and gained and gained until eventually, i clocked
in at a whopping 281 lbs. at my highest weight i was miserable, though i did my
best to hide my misery—my back always hurt, i couldn’t stand at my retail job
for more than two hours before my feet started screaming, and i just never,
ever felt happy in my own skin. this wasn’t about me not “loving myself” or
anything, either—i was sick, i was sad, and i wanted to change for me. whenever
people brought up my weight i’d always try and shift the blame: “oh, i have a
hormonal imbalance” or “no no, i just have a condition that makes it really
hard for me to lose weight” or some ridiculous variation. but at the end of the
day i knew what was making me gain weight. i was eating way too fucking much. i’m
talking whole pizzas by myself, or super-sized fast food meals at least twice a
day. i treated every meal like it was my last.

so, weight loss.

i started small, like most people—hell, weight loss wasn’t
even my original endgame. “i just want to be able to keep up with my friends
without feeling tired,” i said. so, i started walking as often as i could. The results
weren’t immediate and i felt discouraged at first, but i always tried to remind
myself that it this body took 23 years to create and that change wouldn’t
happen overnight. so, i buckled down and started strictly controlling my
mealtime portions. i bought a food scale, measuring cups, measuring spoons,
etc. and i learned to love calorie counting. again, it was tough at first
because i had to really scale back my portion sizes, but doing this helped me
see real, actual progress and it wasn’t long before i’d dropped my first 10
lbs, then 20, then 30.

110 lbs later (lighter) and i feel like a completely
different person! i have energy, my self-esteem’s skyrocketed, i can pull off
outfits i could only dream of wearing, and i’m just so, so happy. i guess to
some it might sound like i’m losing weight for shallow reasons and to be
honest, maybe i am being a bit shallow. but at the end of the day i know i did
all of this for me and that as long as i’m happy with my progress, nothing else

sw: 281
cw: 171
gw: 135

p.s. i’m always happy to swap dieting/lifestyle tips with
others. feel free to pm me so we can talk. 🙂


so as some of you might already know, last… june, i…
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