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ruthless-runner submitted:  Height: 5ft 8”.Before: 230lbs…

ruthless-runner submitted: 

 Height: 5ft 8”.

Before: 230lbs (104.3kg) During: 191lbs (86.6kg) 

Total loss: 39lbs (17.6kg) Dieting since June 2014 to today.

I became more active, walking the dog more often, I work in Subway so that keeps me pretty active as well. I became a vegetarian in August, for my own benefit it helped me because when I eat junk food its sweets (with gelatine in) and fried chicken and battered fish and meatfeast pizzas etc. So that helped, I still trip up often, eating too much cheese for my own good, I use MyFitnessPal and recognise when I’ve over eaten. I recognise when I’ve had a bad day, and make up for it with a good one. I exercise when I can but I work 7 days a week so I struggle to find the energy, but I always carry my gym stuff in my bag and drag myself to the gym. I replace bad food with healthy snacks, and take away simple things from my meals that make it low fat/sugar/calories (like oil and butter). I also started weighing my food, so I know how many grams of carbs and cheese I’m consuming. (I don’t really bother weighing vegetables 🙂 )

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ruthless-runner submitted:  Height: 5ft 8”.Before: 230lbs…
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