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saddiabetic: What a difference a year makes :)As usual I’m…


What a difference a year makes 🙂

As usual I’m nervous as hell to be posting these up as that’s just how I’ll always be but I feel proud of how far I’ve come. The picture on the left was taken exactly one year ago when I was at 275lbs (May 2014) and on the right is where I stand today at 179lbs (May 2015) so between the two pictures close to 100lbs. Overall I have lost a total of 122lbs since starting my life. 

I went from a 44inch waist to a 34inch waist I went from a xxl/xxxl shirt to a large

I am the happiest I’ve ever been I never thought I could get to this point where I’m starting to fel good about myself a little yes I will always hate parts of me but I gotta accept this is who I am and thanks to my beautiful girlfriend Ericka http://hope-lessly-hope-ful.tumblr.com/ I am achieving it more and more she completes me and I love her with all my heart

Yes I have stretchmarks, yes I have loose skin, I have a drooping stomach so please no mean anons about all this. Please send me your opinions and thoughts and thank you all for the support you are truly amazing people of tumblr.


What a difference a year makes :)As usual I’m…
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