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salvagingyouth So the change in my body isn’t so evident in…


So the change in my body isn’t so evident in these pictures but the change in my face is blowing my mind! I have struggled with EDs in the past like binge eating and bulimia and so my weight has gone up and down pretty much since puberty which was 7 years ago. Every now and again I will motivate myself so lose some weight in a healthy fashion where I will gain a lot of confidence and energy but then I fail after a couple of months and all the bad feelings and cravings come rushing back. Well I am two months in now and I have no urges to stop, I feel so much stronger and healthier and my self-esteem has increased.

I’ve mainly cut down on portions. I used to skip breakfast and lunch and keep myself going until dinner by binging on unhealthy snacks. Now I actually eat a balanced and healthy 3 meals a day with mainly healthy snacks and I stop eating after about 9pm whilst drinking loads of water throughout the day. I made it doable for myself by not cutting out all unhealthy foods, sometimes I eat a donut purely because I want to and I don’t feel guilty afterwards IT’S AMAZING. 

I think what has had the biggest effect has been a youtube channel called tiffanyrotheworkouts, she has a website where you can download a free workout schedule with a daily playlist of her youtube videos. Her workouts are effective, supportive and fun. (I am in no way sponsored by her or anything I’m genuinely just a big fan).

Anyway, I am two months in now as I started at the beginning of April, it’s very early days so I’m really excited to see what the next couple of months bring. I have decided not to record my weight because I doesn’t really matter to me what I weigh as long as I can see and feel the difference.

Height: 5’8

Age: 18

If you want to offer any advice or ask a question: salvagingyouth.tumblr.com/ask 

Sorry this was so long, but if anyone is reading for motivation: I BELIEVE IN YOU, IF I CAN DO IT ANYONE CAN


So the change in my body isn’t so evident in…
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