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sara-strawberra  These pictures are a month apart! I know…


These pictures are a month apart! I know it’s not THAT much progress, but I can definitely FEEL my legs getting tighter and a bit slimmer.

I’m just your average teenager, who has always been more than a little self-conscious about her legs. My daily exercise routine consists of 90 minutes of swim. I eat MODERATELY HEALTHY. I’m not even going to lie, I had at least four ice cream sandwiches this last weekend! Although it bummed me out that I was so negligent about what I was consuming, I picked myself up and moved on. Don’t let little mishaps determine your self-worth and future. Take control of your body, but most importantly—take control of your mind! You WILL get there, I promise!

Height: 5’7

SW: 156

CW: I haven’t weight myself, but I know I’ve lost an inch off of the largest part of my thighs which started at 24” and are now at 23” (measurement in inches)

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