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I know, I’ve been submitting photos super frequently, but I mean—LOOK AT THIS! It’s the same shirt, minus about fifteen-ish pounds! IN ONLY 40-45ish DAYS GUYS! The before photo was hard to find and was a photo of me Christmas 2012, but I started my weight loss adventure just shy of February 2014! I lost the weight through eating clean and swimming an hour and a half five days a week! 

I spent so long self-loathing and feeling ashamed of my body. I started developing stretch marks on my inner thighs, the inner portion of arms, and the back part of my knees when I was fourteen, and let me tell you, it’s not easy for a teenage girl to take those marks lightly. I went through crash diet after crash diet—starving myself for days in a row in the hopes of losing all the weight, only to gain even more back. 

I’m now almost seventeen years old, loving myself, stretch marks and all. It hasn’t been an easy adventure, but with the help of an optimistic outlook on life, self-appreciation, a healthy relationship with food, and also my relationship with Jesus Christ, it’s been manageable. I still get discouraged once in a while, but I have to remember how far I’ve come mentally and physically and thank Jesus for it. 

Height: 5’7

SW: 156

CW: Somewhere in the 140’s, I’m not too sure though! I seldom weigh myself, I go by measurements.

GW: Physically, mentally, spiritually happy.

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