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shaaaronn  One year progress photo. Started my journey May,…


 One year progress photo. Started my journey May, 1, 2014. After photo was taken May 16, 2015. 

Starting weight: 227

Height: 5 feet 6

Current weight: 150

I started off by walking, I remember it was hard on my knees to even walk. Eventually that turned into speed walking and then running. I logged everything I ate, I still ate junk food but in moderation. Can’t give up my favourite poutine, chocolate, pizza, pasta – the list goes on!!  Ive plateaued so many times I cannot remember. I just know you need to push through all plateaus and never give up. I went on vacation for a month and I’m having a hard time getting back to the gym. My eating habits aren’t the way they were before either. Having no data while on vacation, I stopped logging my food too. I just need a reminder that I’ve a long way and this is just another one of those plateaus. I need to get back to the gym and eat clean. I don’t want to be the girl on the left, I won’t be, never again. 

This is a reminder to myself to look at how far I’ve come, not how much more I need to go 🙂


 One year progress photo. Started my journey May,…
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