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smoke—cl0uds:I’ve been struggling with my weight since I…


I’ve been struggling with my weight since I started birth control for my PCOS at 14 years old(I’m now 18).After hitting 250lbs around this time last year I sunk into a horrible depression & I never left my house or wanted to go out or do anything that involved people looking at me. Around my high school graduation I had some seriously drastic life changes & I ended up in a very toxic environment and I shut down from June 2o14 until December 2o14. After moving into my father’s I instantly dropped 15lbs, and I was really excited. Then I put on another 20 & now, 9 months after the picture on the left, I’m about 40lbs down & I couldn’t be more content. I feel great, I’ve turned my eating habits around totally, I walk to work & basically everywhere within reason, & I can’t stay home anymore. I wear cute clothes, I’m confident, I’m outgoing, I’m social. I’m so different. I’m happy. It’s a wonderful feeling. It’s a drastic change of my exterior that I never noticed until I looked back at my senior prom pictures. I can’t wait to see myself another year from now!

smoke—cl0uds:I’ve been struggling with my weight since I…
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