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Some progress for you all!


Mental and physical. 


2 years ago the thought od buying, let alone wearing a bikini was absolutely terrifying to me. At just 19/20 years old I had placed myself into a detrimental and hateful category of “a girl who can never ever wear a bikini”. I was so miserable but convinced myself that losing weight was too hard, i was too far gone and i’d never be able to pull it off. 

One day i snapped out of it, got my ass in gear and i’ve never looked back. Okay so i dont have abs or a six back, my tummy still jiggles when i walk and i have stretchmarks just about everywhere. But the other day i thought, no, I dont deserve to have worked this hard and still be talking myself down and forcing myself to wear one-piece swim suits or at a push high-waisted bikinis. 

So i took a step and bought two, im going to the beach next weekend and if the weathers good enough i’m going to wear them. 

after 60lbs weight loss my confidence is still uhm-ing and ah-ing but i think after taking this step i will have achieved something that since age 17 i never thought i’d be able to do. because of the way i treated myself and talked down to myself. It’s so sad that so many of us are doing it. I want everyone of every shape and size to wear a bikini if they want to. Hell, i’d still have looked fine in one at my starting weight – it’s your own psychological battle you have to face as well as the physical one. 

Some progress for you all!
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