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stealyoursanity: So I NEVER post personal stuff to my blog but…


So I NEVER post personal stuff to my blog but I thought I would today because I just love my body at the moment. Today some guy drove past me & yelled “fat” (well that’s what I think he said anyway LMAO) & I laughed so motherfucking hard cause all I could think in my head was yeah sure, I look good tbh. Fat doesn’t make me squirm or upset anymore, it describes a body type & if we’re completely honest, I don’t think I’m fat but hey if that’s what people think of me that’s fine. There is nothing at all wrong with being fat.

I have lost 28kgs (I did lose 33kgs but gained 5 back over Christmas, cause I just ate what I wanted for like 2-3 months)

Sure I’d love to have abs & toned arms, but I love the body I have now. Thick thighs, jiggly tummy & all. (Thick thighs ARE amazing). It took me YEARS to love my body & maybe it took losing abit of weight & getting healthy to do that but I’m happy, finally.

What I guess I’m tryna say is, thank you Tumblr. For encouraging me to get healthy for myself & look good for myself but for also teaching me to love myself. I no longer shudder when I look in the mirror

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