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stephfitblr: “what would you tell your former self?” just…


“what would you tell your former self?”

just start. start today. starting is the hardest part of weight loss. you have to believe that a change is needed or else you’ll keep making excuses.

you’ll tell yourself that “you’re not that big” or “at least I don’t look like them” or “I’m fine the way I am.” you’ll justify eating fast food because it’s cheap and you deserve it because you’ve had a hard day.

no. you deserve better. you deserve to be healthy. you deserve to be happy. you deserve to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded, to play with the kids, to dance and sing and jump and run.

don’t buy into the lies that a pill or a powder or some drops will help you. there is no quick fix. you’ve gained this weight over years of your life and it is going to take hard work, determination, eating right, exercise, and a whole lotta sweat to get this weight off.

you won’t see the progress immediately. that will be tough. even now you still look in the mirror and see the left picture when you’re really the right. but you can’t live off of hype. motivation will only take you so far.

take care of yourself. believe your friends when they tell you that you look good, that you’re getting stronger, that you’re getting leaner. stay committed to your workouts. pack your lunch the night before and don’t skimp on the protein. drink more water.

you’re always improving with every punch, kick, push-up, mile, burpee. don’t give up on yourself. ❤️


“what would you tell your former self?”

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