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stopneglectingyourhealth: “nowhere near done…everywhere near…


“nowhere near done…everywhere near happy”

when you find a photo of yourself from 5 years ago and evaluate the path you have walked. 

The first picture was taken on my sister’s highschool graduation. I remember having nothing fancy to wear, besides black pants and a white shirt, while everybody else was wearing a dress or at least a skirt and a fancy shirt.

This week is going to be a gathering to celebrate completing our last semester at university. I will be wearing a skirt or a dress and if sb told me 5 years ago that i will feel confident and good enough to wear a dress one day, i would not believe them

It does get better.

Even if i still haven’t reached a “normal” weight, it’s my mind that have changed enough for me to love , accept, embrace, and appreciate every aspect of my body. 


“nowhere near done…everywhere near…
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