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strudelfit Height: 5'3"  Starting weight: ~140…


Height: 5’3″ 

Starting weight: ~140 lbs.

Current weight: ~ 125 lbs.

The picture on the left is from June of 2014.  I saw exercise as a punishment for eating poorly and I hated doing it, so I would go for long periods of time without exercising at all.  I was convinced that exercising did nothing for me anyway, because I hadn’t been blessed with the genetic potential for a “good body.”  My limited attempts at exercise and healthy living were totally inconsistent, and I always had excuses ready for why I couldn’t do it.  I was struggling with depression and would spend entire days laying in bed and eating my feelings.  I remember the day I took the photo on the left because I was on my third attempt at completing C25K and I wanted to keep myself accountable by taking progress pictures.  When I looked at this picture, I cried.  I felt helpless, like I could never change and like I would never be happy in my own skin.  You can see in my posture how defeated I felt.      

At this point, I decided to start getting serious about my health.  I signed up for my first 5k, and although I was too sick to run that day, I started running 5k on my own three times per week.  I pushed myself to remain consistent even when I was stressed or tired.  I made time for exercise in my schedule and I stuck with it.  I pushed myself to make healthier food choices whenever possible, but I never restricted or denied myself anything.  As time went on I noticed a gradual change in my attitude.  I was happier, more energetic, and less stressed.  I started to feel more confident and sexy.  I noticed my strength and stamina increasing.  The aesthetic changes didn’t seem that significant to me, but I felt happier and better about myself than I ever had before.  I actually started to look forward to exercising. 

The picture on the right is me now.  Since last June I have continued running, started strength training, started commuting by bicycle, started swimming, run a 10k, and signed up for a sprint triathlon.  While I haven’t lost a ton of weight and there hasn’t been an enormous change in my physical appearance, I have made so much progress.  This isn’t a before and after picture.  This is a “then and now” picture.  Because this is a lifestyle that I am committed to maintaining.  Not just for the sake of physical appearances, but because I love myself.  I love my body.  I love challenging myself and seeing what I am capable of.  This journey has shown me that I am capable of so much more than I thought I was.  

I hope to one day become a trainer and help other people realize how much they are capable of as well.  Follow me and my continuing progress at http://strudelfit.tumblr.com/ .  I would also love to follow your journey, encourage you, and see your progress!


Height: 5'3" 
Starting weight: ~140…
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