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stupidhass: 6’ 1” Starting Weight: 295lbs Current Weight:…


6’ 1”

Starting Weight: 295lbs

Current Weight: 224lbs

Goal Weight: 195lbs

(And I want muscle mass. And a million bucks…but one of these are realistically attainable)

So I set out on a long and challenging journey to become fit. I consulted a lot with local fitness gods and goddesses. I knew everyone would have their own do’s and don’ts but I listened to what they all had to say and try to fit what I could in my lifestyle. My main focus was on food.

Let’s face the facts here. I like food. I love food. The tastes, the aroma. The art. And the more I love something, the more invested I became into that subject. Lol. And let me tell you, I was VERY invested in food. So that was the first thing to put on a leash. I dropped the 2 or 3 impulsive dishes a meal time to one. Then I portioned those single meal dishes to a more befitting amount.

And I drank just water. Water water water. If bathrooms had frequent flyer miles, I could fly to Guatemala once a year.

Then I started to do small things from home, like walking. And attempt-to-running (cus I hate running). Which really meant I walked until I was alone on the canal trail I would go on, then when the coast was clear…I’d jog. Then wheeze, cus my body isn’t use to running. Then when a more fit person would run by I would yellow belly back to walking like I was “taking a breather from my awesome and fit manly run”. I rule!

I was told by someone very smart, “Tim. I’m not going to tell you what to do. Do you know why? Everyone has their own lifestyle. Their own busy days. Their own priorities. There is no one way of losing weight. What works for me may not efficiently work for you. So my challenge to you is, if you really want to lose weight, read up on healthy living. Find guys (or girls) who were your size (online and in person) and see what they did to shed those pounds. Take what you can make work and do it. As long as you are not hurting your body and mind, there is no one way of losing weight.”

Smartest advice I ever got.

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