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swords-and-fjords:I know this is different from my usual…


I know this is different from my usual tumblin’ but I am super proud of myself and I wanna share with anyone who is interested.  First pic is Halloween of 2014.  I started a low carb/high fat or ketogenic diet on Thanksgiving (about 3 weeks after that pic was taken).  The second pic is of me March 25, 2015.  I lost 30 pounds in that time.  And I am lazy as shit so I didn’t exercise  >.>  but I also did not starve myself and I have been eating tasty, amazing foods every day.  I don’t know that everyone has the resources or time to do a diet like this, but if anyone has questions, I would be happy to answer!

The first thing I noticed was my arms and legs slimming down.  No idea why, but my waist didn’t get smaller until about 2 months in.  I still have a belly but I blame C-section/lack of crunches hahaha.

It also wasn’t just weight loss; I saw my acne reduced, my moods get WAY more regular, and my energy has gone way way up (I have to chase a toddler every day, so I can tell!).

Next step is exercise!  Now that it’s warming up I will walk way more and ride my bike again!  Can’t wait :3

But seriously, if you want answers, I will help you out 😛

swords-and-fjords:I know this is different from my usual…
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