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t3sticl3z Height: 5’6Starting Weight: 190ish Current Weight:…


Height: 5’6

Starting Weight: 190ish

Current Weight: 150

Goal Weight: 140

I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. On the left I was in 8th grade, however I was pretty overweight all throughout high school. On the right I am 18, out of HS and in community college. I’ve gone through a lot of bumps in the road and most of the time I am super duper motivated and great at sticking to my diet, but it is nice to treat yo self and indulge sometimes!! I completely cut out junk food! I’ve plateau’d so many times that I recently tried changing it up and I’ve banned eating bread, pasta, rice, dairy and red meat. But I used to eat whole grain everything and I still lost weight!

I LOVE to dead lift and squat heavy. I’ve made the stair master my best friend. I dread cardio but I force myself to do 20 minutes each day. I used to constantly work my lower body but I’ve been adding in some chest, bis/tris and back days and I’ve noticed a huge difference in just a few months!

Sometimes I get awfully impatient and I just want to reach my fitness goals NOW, but progress takes time!! Don’t get caught up, you can do it, we can all get there. 🙂


Height: 5’6Starting Weight: 190ish
Current Weight:…
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