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I began the Whole Life Challenge on September 12 2014 and just completed it this past weekend.

I completed the Performance Level, which essentially was the same as Paleo with a few exceptions. I had begun transitioning into a Paleo lifestyle in about June 2014, so by the time the Challenge started, I was in full swing of Paleo. I ate only whole fruits and vegetables, whole meat chicken, turkey and seafood, eggs, nuts and seeds, and oils. Nothing else! After five “perfect eating” days you get an indulgence to use on a food item of your choice – HELLO NACHOS!
Every day you had to move for ten minutes, stretch for ten minutes, complete a lifestyle challenge (for example one week was to de-clutter one area of your life), take your vitamins every day, and drink enough water every day.
Over all I am very happy with my results!! Great kickstart to a new chapter of my healthy lifestyle. I enjoy eating Paleo and the benefits I can see in my body! I will maintain this.
ALSO hot yoga was definitely the waist-burner. In the past two months I started and now do hot yoga six times per week and the effect it had on my body is shocking to say the least!
Check out my blog here for my entire journey and story, and feel free to drop me a line! I also have a yoga blog here.
I am five feet, five inches and 27 years old! My initial starting weight in June 2012 was 205.4lbs. 

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