The picture to the left is high-school graduation in 2010, at…

The picture to the left is high-school graduation in 2010, at 6’0 and 260lbs. The picture of me to the right is senior year of college 2013, same height at 190lbs.

I have always struggled with my weight since I was a young. With diabetes running through the bloodlines of my family, I had to make a decision to change for the better. Over these few years, I have stay persistent and fought to get healthy. I am not perfect I slipped and fell hundreds of times, but what always was key was having the dedication to stand up and work for your goals. Getting into the fitness lifestyle I always wished someone would just take me under his or her wing and help me, but that did not happen. However, I did have many supports, but I am here to try to inspire anyone I can truly help. My goal is to continue getting better everyday and hopefully compete in men’s physique professionally. Please follow me on my journey on Instagram, the more support I have the more I can help others as well! THANK YOU! http://instagram.com/chillfitness

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