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thebookoflauren submitted:  My fitness journey changed my…

thebookoflauren submitted: 

 My fitness journey changed my life. In the picture on the left (June 2015) I had just been released from physical therapy that helped me learn how to handle the chronic pain I had suffered from since I was in a car accident at 16. The chronic pain had kept me from being very active, and at the beginning of college I gained a lot of weight. When the picture was taken I was at the beach with my friends and I couldn’t even bring myself to take off the long sleeved shirts I wore over my bikini. The next semester I joined my University’s chapter of CHAARG, a women’s health and fitness organization. I started to workout multiple times a week and tried to eat healthier. Progress was slow at first, but the more I worked the easier it got.

The second picture was in April 2016. At that point I was almost at my lightest weight since I was a junior in high school. I’m 5’1″ and naturally very muscular so a small change in weight is a big change in my body composition. I was so incredibly happy and excited about life and excited to see where my fitness journey would take me.

A few months later I got into a funk and had a slight setback in my progress. But now I’m back at it. This progress picture is reminding me of what I am capable of. A little bit of hard work can change your life.

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