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This is my progress. It took about 6/7 months to lose that…

This is my progress.
It took about 6/7 months to lose that weight.
The first photo it was taken in 2011 and I kept that weight till June of 2013 when I had the chance to change.
The second photo was taken in December of 2013.
All my life I tried to do crazy diets and always failed.
Last year I entered a entertainment company as an artist and had classes of dancing, singing and acting, everyday.
I did a lot of exercises, swim, run, walk, dancing, everyday. But jumping rope it was and still being my little secret.
With my weight loss I discover myself and my willpower. I discovered that I can do no matter what people say or what I say to myself. I can do this. I can change myself. And everyone can do this. You just need to find your willpower and your straight. Everyone’s capable. Don’t ever give up. Things are hard but keep focused. Find what you like and move and keep going. Keep dreaming. Don’t you ever stop believing and dreaming.


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