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thisisabrandnewme: #motivationmonday I’ve recently gained…



I’ve recently gained about 15 lbs, and by recently I mean since November when I hit lifetime. I’m disappointed and upset that I’ve lost my way, but in retrospect I’ve come a long way!
To the left I was roughly 309-312? A size 4X swimsuit and shirts, size 24 jeans… To the right (current) I’m down to 176 (due to the gain) a size S-M shirt and a size 9-10 (sometimes 12 depending on brand). Total loss of 133lbs.

We can all look at ourselves and never see the accomplishment we’ve done. This gain has made me so upset and discouraged, but taking a look back and seeing what you’ve accomplished is sometimes all you need.

Here’s to kicking this 15lbs ass!! #me #weightloss #WW #wwlife #weightloss #motivation #motiveweight #healthy #lifestyle #progress



I’ve recently gained…
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