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timetolose-itSwimsuit comparison time!This swimsuit fit me when…


Swimsuit comparison time!

This swimsuit fit me when I weighed around 285 pounds. I remember when my husband took the first photo I was thinking ‘yikes, I know I’m going to hate this’ because I pretty much hated all pictures of me. Funny enough, this photo actually made me look smaller than I was! (Looking back I’m thinking wow, this was smaller than I usually looked? Geez) My boobs were so big and heavy, the swimsuit tie around my neck gave me such bad headaches, but when you’re so big, you wear whatever you can find that fits.

Being fat is just depressing, no matter what positive spin you try to put on it. I  would have my good ‘hey I look good today’ days, but when I would go shopping and had to buy a 4x shirt and a size 24 was getting tight…que the negative feelings. So once I had my son in 2012 I decided to do something about it, I didn’t want to be the mom sitting on the bench, I wanted to be the mom that climbs and plays with him!

I am now down 64 pounds, and am sitting around 222 right now. It has taken me 2 years to lose that amount, because hey I’m only human and seem to have more cheat days than I should. I do exercise 4 times a week and lift as much as I can, I love seeing my muscles grow! I would that I eat clean, and have well rounded meals. I don’t cut anything out, because I’m the type of person to dwell on the sugar I can’t eat and end up binging for days on ice cream. I currently wear an XL in shirts and 18 in pants 🙂

Weight loss is hard, but if you’re unhappy, or get winded after walking up a flight of stairs, it’s worth it. 🙂

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timetolose-itSwimsuit comparison time!This swimsuit fit me when…
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