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tiniertim:LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE. It’s Valentine’s day and…


LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE. It’s Valentine’s day and #TransformationTuesday after all.

I had tried losing weight for love three times before. First for a teenage crush, second for a wedding and third for a love of my daughters. I’d get to a point and no further. My motivations were all based on others.

I started this time with a newfound love: a love of self and a belief that I deserved to live my greatest life. And while my 225 pounds weight loss only took me a little over a year, the journey has not stopped. Through plateaus and setbacks, I persevered. Through the loss of friends and my marriage, I did not give up. Through muscle soreness and mental exhaustion, I did not relent. While my cup ran over with excuses, I refused to drink.


I committed to myself and the people I love that as long as I lived, I would be a man of integrity and strength. I believe I have a responsibility to myself and them to be and do and become my very best self.

Settle in my friends. This party is just getting started.


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