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tiniertim: This was not the first time I tried to lose weight….


This was not the first time I tried to lose weight. It wasn’t the fifth or even the tenth time. I’d tried every diet from South Beach to North Pole. Shakes, soups, supplements and starving plans and even when I’d lose some weight, I’d run out of steam a few weeks in and all the pounds would come back and bring friends.

My biggest problems was my goal. I would set a goal weight and know what I shouldn’t or couldn’t eat on a diet but I didn’t really have a clear picture of what my life looked like at that goal weight. What would I eat? What would maintenance look like? How would I move/stay fit? How did I want to live? How would I make this last forever?

For me, I decided to actuality write out rules for myself, focusing MORE on the DOs than the DON’Ts.

Weight Loss plans focus 90% on the DON’Ts. Instead of feeling deprived, I focused on feeling empowered. I could eat all these incredible foods. I sought after desirable things instead of being so focused on avoiding things that were bad for me.

Here’s a challenge: stop talking and thinking about restrictions and focus on what you DO instead on what you DON’T and instead of trying to STOP being something, you’ll see that you’re focused on BECOMING and CREATING.

What do you think?

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