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tjeme218: Seeing as I turn 19 in 9 days I’ve decided to shed…


Seeing as I turn 19 in 9 days I’ve decided to shed some light on the last year of my life.

When I turned 18 I decided that I wanted to take all actions to better myself. For me that meant changing my diet, exercising, and removing myself from less than helpful situations. After graduation I moved to Texas and on June 10th, 2016, the picture on the left was taken. In June I weighed 270.6 pounds. I wore a size 22w jeans and a 2XL t-shirt. I felt tired and unsatisfied with myself. I didn’t understand how I had almost managed to let myself become 300 pounds. Seeing that picture of myself really opened my eyes to the kind of future I would inevitably have if I didn’t make some type of change.

Fast forward 8 months to today and the picture on the right. Today, February 9th, 2017, I weigh 218.6 pounds. I wear a size 14 jeans and a medium t-shirt. I don’t feel tired or unsatisfied with myself. I’m down 52 pounds and I feel comfortable enough to wear crop tops and show my stomach. I don’t shop strategically: no more are the days of high waisted jeans and undershirts that contour. No more are the days of “man I wish I could wear that.” No more.

These are my family-friendly progress shots. The ones I wanted to post likely would’ve sent my dad into cardiac arrest and my aunt’s into yelling at me on the phone. However, the point of posting these pictures is to document my journey and share the pride that I feel when it comes to who I am and what I have managed to become this past year.

I’m not where I want to be but I’m not ashamed of where I am. // 9 Feb 2017

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