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tomatomayo  September 2011 – 98KG (Before) to March 2014 – 77KG…


September 2011 – 98KG (Before) to March 2014 – 77KG (During)

The most painful journey I ever went through in my life. People even called me Fat Cow. But it didn’t stop me from this goal that I wanted to achieve so much. There are weeks that I really wanted to eat so much, there are weeks that I didn’t wanna eat a thing. But I never missed to do 4-5 (30-45 minutes) workouts per week. Sometimes I stopped when I felt extremely tired and busy with some works. There are times that I cried while working out, but I still kept on pushing myself until today. I am proud of my face change and everything that has gotten smaller. I did laugh at myself when I saw my pictures back then, but it is still me though. I am so happy with my progress. I’m almost there. You can if you believe!

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