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topp-dogg-predebut  Height: 160cm / Weight: from 53kg to…


Height: 160cm / Weight: from 53kg to 49kg

I’ve never been overweight but I used to think my butt and my thighs were too fat. So I tried different kinds of diets but I wouldnt lose more than 1kg and I would gain it back as soon as I stopped dieting. But a few months ago I started changing my eating habits and I lost 4kg in a couple of weeks. My tip: Fruits are your best friends! If you love sweet food (just like me) and you can’t restrain yourself from having dessert or a snack, just grab an apple, a pear, a kiwi or any other fruit. Pineapples are especially good for weight loss!  And in order to avoid sugar try to replace it anytime you can with honey or other natural sweeteners like stevia (the healthiest one) in your drinks (tea, coffee) or in plain yoghurts. I also avoid cereals (bread, pasta, rice) as much as I can, even though I still have some once or twice a week. Regarding fitness, I’ve never been a huge fan of it, but a 30 minute jog at least three times a week is enough to help me stay fit.

Never give up! Never lose hope! (and sorry for my bad english >__

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