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transforming-phoenix: Giiiirrrrlllll! Aight I’m playing it…



Aight I’m playing it fast and loose with another transformation for you. First pic was October. It was the picture I was most proud of when I made my first transformation collage, so I would bring it back. Mostly it was to show my waist size and how that shrunk, which was where I’ve been noticing myself losing or gaining weight overall.

Well last night was the second picture. I have my arm at a different position so it may not be accurate, waist size differentiation. But can we all focus on another topic at hand here? And that is…dun dun dun…shoulders. Look at those broad beauties. I didn’t even know that they were widening. Sure, I measured myself and they got a little wider but also??? Its hard to measure yourself and I thought I messed it up.

It isn’t a big transformation, but I’m hella proud of it, and that makes it a big deal for me. Team boulder shoulders.

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