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trueleelovelee submitted: SW: 223 CW: 156.6 GW1: 160✔ GW2:…

trueleelovelee submitted: 

SW: 223
CW: 156.6
GW1: 160✔
GW2: 145
SW Body Fat Percentage: 35.5%
CW Body Fat Percentage: 18.3%

At this same time last year, I wasn’t sure that it would be possible for me to get to this point, however, I’m so glad that I didn’t quit despite the frequent urges to give in and do so. You can do it; if I could lose the weight, trust me, you can too. Take charge of your life and don’t give up; never give up on yourself. No matter what comes my way in the future, I now realize I must have the resolve to keep fighting for my own life and happiness because no one else is going to do it for me. The power is in your hands. Now go out and get what you want. Work.for.it! 💗💗💗

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