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@twerkwoon submitted:  Height: 5’4 Weight Before: 214 Weight…

@twerkwoon submitted: 

 Height: 5’4

Weight Before: 214

Weight Right Now: 193

The before photo is from December 7, 2016, but I didn’t start losing weight really until January 18 of this year. It was when my next semester at college started and I could only wear one pair of pants that made me feel so terrible. I felt like I was wearing a body that wasn’t my own and I couldn’t take it anymore. In 2015 I was comfortably at 160, and then I gained 54 pounds from depression. I have a closet full of clothes I can’t wear, a constant reminder of letting myself go…but it’s okay. 

It’s been 4 months and only 21 pounds but I can’t describe how much better I feel. I’ve eaten so much healthier and am training for a 5k with a couch to 5k program. I’ve learned about health through this, I’ve learned about my body, about food, about exercise -my weight gain, if anything, was a blessing to make myself focus on my health. 

I still have a long way to go, but it’s important to recognize your accomplishments through it all. Even if you just walk for five minutes, eat one vegetable, keep going and keep progressing. If you fall off track, just get back on. The quote that’s gotten me through all of this is “Quitting won’t make it happen any faster.” Always keep trying.

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