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umbrellafairyprincess 5ft 5 & half26 years old Photo…


5ft 5 & half
26 years old Photo Before 14 stone 4lbs / 200lbs Oct 2013
Photo After 11 stone 4lbs / 158 lbs June 2014
= 42lb weight loss 
All done through smaller healthier meals. No exercising specifically but tried to be more active generally.

2015 mission: Mexico beach body
Started 19th April 12 stone 5 / 173lbs
Current 15th May 11 stone 8 / 162lbs
Goal 19th August 9 stone 9 / 135 lbs

27 lbs left to go! 
Method: PT twice a week cardio/weights
Low carb diet
Kettle bell/YouTube Ab work outs in between.
Evening walks.

Drinks tons of water and no fizzy drinks now. I use myfitness pal & UP Jawbone & weigh myself each day to keep on top of what’s going on and out. 

For the first time in my life I am trying to get fit and get toned. Good bye bingo wings & jelly belly. Hello Mexico beach & no thigh chaff.

Will post more photos from 2015 once there’s a bit more comparison, so far only lost 11lbs.



5ft 5 & half26 years old Photo…
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