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unzip-my-skin:Little bit of a face/regular, every day photo…


Little bit of a face/regular, every day photo comparison. Usually I post body/planned before and afters, but here are two regular, candid photos of me that were taken.

First one was at my highest weight. A weight that I stayed at for over a year. 106.9kg. I cannot describe in detail how shocking it is for me to look at that picture. I never want to go back there ever again in my whole life.

The second picture was taken last night, at the club I work at. This morning, I weighed in at 83.1kg. Not many people say anything about my weight loss. I think it’s not very evident to the people who see me constantly, because they forget how much bigger I was. To a lot of people, I am still just a fat girl, but the lines are blurred and they forget that I was fatter. 

Not that it matters to me. I see a difference. I feel a difference. I’m getting there. 17 more kilos to go. These are the ones that are going to finally show to people what I’m made of.

unzip-my-skin:Little bit of a face/regular, every day photo…
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