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vickii-siu Age: 23Height: 5"4feet/164cm? 1st Picture:…


Age: 23
Height: 5″4feet/164cm?

1st Picture: 140lbs
2nd Picture: 121lbs 
3rd Picture: 126lbs. 

I’m still learning to not care too much about the scale. When I first started my journey, I had a number in my mind. And everything else did not matter. When I was 121lbs, I was in a very restrictive diet and whenever I felt hungry, I saw it as a sign of progress. I would eat a yam for lunch and call it enough. I was weak and had no energy. But I deluded myself into thinking it was progress. I was scared of eating white carbs. I shamed those that did. It was a pretty depressing time D: 

I eat more now, and I was horrified when the scale started to move the opposite direction. But today when I took a picture, I noticed I was gaining inches, yes, but in places that…I rather liked. Is my ass growing? 😮 

Don’t let the scale dictate your progress. 


Age: 23Height: 5"4feet/164cm? 1st Picture:…
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