We know it’s not a ”weight loss story”


We know it’s not a ”weight loss story”, but this story is ABSOLUTELY inspiring!
“In 2004 I was in a serious car accident, I dozed off, lost control and drifted onto the curb. When I opened my eyes I saw the speedometer said 50 mph, when I swerved the van rolled over multiple times smashing into a telephone pole. My leg went threw the firewall of the van and got stuck in the engine. I was stuck for almost 4 hours and I lost more than 50% of my blood. I remember looking down every few minutes and seeing the pool of blood get bigger and bigger.. The van was wrapped in electrical wires from the telephone pole I hit.. I remember saying to myself countless times “this is it, 17 years old and my life is over” The jaws of life had to come save me, I was airlifted and was supposed to die. When they found out I would live, my leg was supposed to be amputated.. I somehow avoided that, i was then in a wheelchair for six months. I wasn’t going to accept life in a wheelchair so i forced myself to try and stand and gradually taught myself how to walk.. It took forever but years later I’m able to run, jump and lift weights, I beat the odds and everything that doctors told me.. I’m now a personal trainer living out my dream helping and guiding people to a healthy lifestyle..
I don’t believe in limitations and excuses” – Chris

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