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weareathousand Love this blog! Motivates me every time I scroll…


Love this blog! Motivates me every time I scroll by.

1st photo: February 11, 2015 2nd photo: March 25, 2015 

Total loss on scale: 4 lbs (?_?) 

Height 5’5” Start Weight: 180 Now Weight: 176

This submit might get declined because it’s only 4lbs but I wish I had a scale for depression and feeling “puffy”. I know it’s not much but I just wanted to share this with anyone who is having trouble getting started. This is the kind of difference doing Keto HFLC not *even close* to perfectly can do in that short amount of a time. Once you crawl through the other side of the Keto flu, you will feel the difference. 

BUT I did survive my 2 week “induction” phase (25 net carbs or less). Again, this is not just Atkins low carb-ing, but in conjunction with a higher fat than protein intake. Those first 4~5 days are a doozie (digestive weirdness, weakness, lethargy, and just kind of feeling sick *aka Keto Flu), but I knew – not just intellectually, I could sense it-  it was just my digestive system detoxing and adjusting to burning fat instead of sugars. I could feel it whining, “Just give me some godamn sugar! We can’t use the fat! What if..what if…. uh…. what if there’s never any more food! We gotta save this precious chub!”

But you wouldn’t give a baby a knife to play with, even if she was screaming for it and hated you for not giving it to her. That’s what training to eat better is like sometimes: Knowing what’s good for you and choosing it over something that will ultimately hurt you. It’s mental/emotional changes in the way you approach eating, not a kill-yourself-for-a-while diet. 

I love the way this way of eating makes me feel, even if i never lose another pound I don’t want to go back to my hypoglycemic madness. 

“Breaking up” with sugar is the best thing I’ve ever done for my depression, even better than regular aerobic exercise~ not that I’ll stop that. 

weareathousand Love this blog! Motivates me every time I scroll…
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