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Seeing your own progress isn’t always easy….

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Seeing your own progress isn’t always easy.

Unless you’ve been through this process, it’s difficult to understand. It taken me months to realize how much progress I have made.  Even when I would put side by side photos, it was hard for me to see a difference. Yet everyone around could see it. What happens with weight loss, and more so with rapid weight loss is that their can be a “lag” time between your brain & your physical transformation. It is where your internal conceptualization of what you look like, doesn’t catch up for weeks, or even months.  It’s the inability to conceive what you actually look like.

It’s a disconnect between how you feel in your body and what you think you look like vs. what you actually look like.  Some of us will catch a glimpse of our reflection and not recognize it.  Others will go shopping and still pick clothes of the rack 8 sizes up from their new size.  And when sometime hands them their actual size they’ll say something like “oh I’ll never fit into that”. It’s a weird concept but it’s real. It’s a slow, organic transformation but eventually inside inside will catch up with your outside.

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