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weightlossndfitness: I have not been able to update here in a…


I have not been able to update here in a while. Mostly because I’m terrified to check the scale and I feel like it’s not a legit weight loss progress pic without the numbers, because pictures can obviously be deceiving

For example, the top photos were after 3 weeks of vacation. Meaning most of that is being too bloated and within 2 weeks after vacation, I was 25 pounds lighter 😂

With that said, though, I am seeing so many differences. Not just in my body, but in myself. I have a tummy. I’m thick I get it. But I don’t feel like I need to cover myself as much. My body is healthy. I smile more. I see pictures of myself or feel parts of my body and I don’t cringe as much anymore.

So here is some progress pics to show that even when I’m quiet here, I’m working and trying hard! Drinking 3 cups of green tea every day and watching what I eat is mostly my regime. I haven’t worked out because of school so I’m excited to see even more results when exercise becomes a bigger part of my schedule 😊

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