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whocroft  SW, 4 February, 76 kg. (167 lbs) CW, 8 march….


SW, 4 February, 76 kg. (167 lbs)

CW, 8 march. 72-ish kg. (158 lbs)

GW: 60 kg ( 132 lbs)

170 cm / 5’6”

I needed motivation so here’s some back progress! Little over a month’s difference and I’m so proud of myself. The jeans I could barely fit into are now getting too big! Such a great feeling!

I’ve always been chubby, since I was a kid. But when I moved out of my parents house something happened … and it didn’t take long before I actually got overweight. Seeing the number on the scale (79.8 kg, 31 january) freaked me out, and I decided then and there to make a change. I was going to have the body I’ve always wanted. And for the first time, I actually believed in myself and felt properly motivated. I knew I could do it. 

I’ve been eating clean for 5 weeks and hitting the gym for about 3 weeks. My goal is, as stated above, to get to 60 kgs. But all in all I just want to be fit, healthy and happy.

Stay motivated!

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