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work-that-bod:Change takes time. New habits are hard to create….


Change takes time. New habits are hard to create. Be patient with yourself, and don’t get bogged down in the set backs or slip ups. Health is a lifestyle and a journey which will never end. I’m still on the road and I have a long way to go – God knows I sure as hell still don’t lead a straight and narrow clean and healthy lifestyle; heck, still barely a day goes by where I don’t eat some chocolate! 
Remember to count the small victories and they will soon add up. Set smaller goals and celebrate when you hit them. Make realistic changes which are maintainable and enjoyable. It’s a lot easier to feel accomplished when you are constantly achieving smaller regular goals than to feel disappointed when you don’t reach the large ones in an unrealistic/maintainable time frame. 
Be patient. Be consistent. Be determined. Be disciplined. Be proud. 
But DON’T be too hard on yourself.

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