Height: 5’5 Weight: around 125 Age: 24html:…

Height: 5’5 Weight: around 125 Age: 24

html: http://www.dedicationtrumpsinspiration.tumblr.com

I started my journey about 8 months ago and it has been an amazing eye opening experience so far. I have found a love for so many things that I never thought I would and every day I learn to love myself a little bit more (even the before version of me) There is no magic pill or diet. I eat clean 80% of the time, stay active and LIFT LIFT LIFT LIFT LIFT HEAVY. 🙂 I wake up with the thought that every day I get to make better than the last and I absolutely take it one day at a time. Don’t ever give up on yourself, you’re the most important person you will ever know!


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